RAID's unique gameplay brings everyone together. Intense fun - A word game to rule them all. Get 34% off at launch. Steal your opponents words at anytime to make your own. Are you ready?

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In RAID,  it's always your turn to play,  all the time! No more waiting for others. Use strategy and speed to your advantage to form words and fill your rows. Or even better, let others do the thinking, wait for the best moment, and then steal their words to form your own new words!

Starting the game

With 2 games in 1, anyone can play Raid. Flip the board to find the perfect game for you. 

One player rolls the dice and takes the number of letters indicated on the dice from the bag and places them face up in the circle for everyone to see. 

Forming words

As soon as any letters are in the circle, it’s everyone’s turn. To form a word you take letters from the circle. The first player to shout out a word grabs the letters and fits them on their board in one of their rows. But that doesn’t mean it will stay there.

Raiding words

Anyone can steal or RAID any word by combining it with one or more letters from the circle to form a new word. Note: the new word has to have a completely new meaning to be a valid RAID.  


There are several ways to win: 

✓ Be the first player to complete three rows in your field

✓ Be the player with the most points after a pre-agreed time limit 

✓ Be the player with the most points after all the letters tiles have been drawn  

You decide which way you want to win!  

Yes, we've also made the app. Beat the AI Bots in the RAID App and beat your friends on the RAID board game!